Lesson Plans For Week of 1/22/2007     Instructor Jason Heldt    
Day   Tech Coord. Physical Sci Adv. Bio Chemistry Tech Coord Biology Physics Planning
    8:00-8:51 8:54-9:45 9:48-10:39 10:42-11:33 11:36-12:55 12:58-1:49 1:52-2:43 2:46-3:37
  Fri 8:00-8:39 8:42-9:21 9:24-10:03 10:06-10:45 10:48-11:27 11:30-12:36 12:39-1:18 1:21-2:00
Monday 1/22/2007 Jh bb at Franklin  HS BB vs St. John's Beloit Lecture Notes 11.2-11.3, Fill out lecture outline as we go. Lecture on genetics, collect homework lecture chapter 7   DNA translation Finish problem set from last week, quiz on Thursday,  
Tuesday 1/23/2007 HS BB vs Bruning/Davenport JV 4:30 Review sheet quiz Thursday Work on punnett square ws. chapter 7 review sheet Mr. Heldt will be gone today for an inservice at Hastings at ESU9 Dna translation worksheet Pulley lab  
Wednesday 1/24/2007   Test/quiz review quiz tomorrow Hair microscopy lecture chapter 7   dna translation lecture Pulley lab  
Thursday 1/25/2007 Jh bb at Franklin  HS BB Quiz/Test chapter 11, sound properties Lecture on genetics, collect homework Zinc/oxidation lab   Quiz/Test Review Quiz over efficency  
Friday 1/26/2007 Saturday:  RC vs LN @ Blue Hill,  Warcat Wresting Open Quiz/News Bowl Genetics quiz quiz chapter 7   Quiz dna translation Make up day