Classroom Rules

1. Any of these rules are subject to change at anytime.

1a. My name is Mr. Heldt. Please call me Mr. Heldt or coach.

2. My Desk Please do not go to or behind my desk when I am not present. Never take anything off my desk unless directed to by me.

3. Entering the classroom Students should avoid excessive disruptions and delay when entering the room. The first six minutes of every class period will be spent reading. (further information to follow)

4. Books, Writing Equipment and other Materials Remember to bring you books, pencils, and other needed material to avoid delays.

5. Notes students will be expected to take notes at various times.

6. Notebooks all students should invest in a three ring binder to organize and hold notes, handouts, labs and other information.

7. Class Discussion students are expected to participate and contribute not distract from class discussions. Ask questions. Remember there is no such thing as a dumb question.

8. Study Periods students will be given time during some class periods to complete assignments. These times shall be used for those assignments.

9. Completing Work All assignments are expected to be completed on time. Make sure the rough edge is removed from spiral notebook paper.

10. Respect students shall show proper respect to their classmates, teachers, school property and to themselves.

11. Pencil Sharpener an electric pencil sharpener is available for use in my room only during the first 5 minutes of class.

12. Chairs and tables chairs have four legs, use all of them. Do not sit on tables, write on or deface tables or chares in any way.

13. Dismissal students shall remain in their seats until dismissed by me, unless otherwise directed. Please push in chairs and clean up lab areas.

14. Make up Work Permitted one day for every day missed to complete work. Assignments should be gotten before hand if you know you are going to be absent.

15. Noncompliance Each infraction will be marked in my grade book. You start each year with 100 points and each infraction will decrease this point total by 5 points. This is part of each 9 week grade.

16. Grading scale see the student handbook